Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering

Objectives and competences

The degree in Mechanical Engineering provides graduates with access to professional opportunities in:

  • Construction, assembling and maintenance of any kind of engines or industrial plants in the mechanical field.
  • Designs and tests of new products or machine elements with CAD programmes.
  • Studies of finite elements using CAE programmes, simulations and manufacturing special pieces and prototypes.
  • Robot programming and obtaining numerical control programmes with CAM systems.
  • Taking part in the fields of management, organization, planning, quality and environment and in the commercial area of companies related with these kinds of activities.
  • Work in the public administration, teaching, research and technology transfer.
  • Free professional practice (project development, technical studies, legalization, etc.)./li>

To obtain this professional profile the institution offering the degree must ensure compliance with some objectives and an acquisition of some competencies. You can find the list of competencies and objectives at the following link: Objectives and Competences. The competitions associate to each one of the aignaturas of the Plan of Studies of agreement to the following Table of Competences.